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"Scuba Dive St John with Us! Fun, Relaxed, Easy...Quality Semi-Private and Private Scuba Diving and Certification at Your Own Pace."

We do personalized diving and certification for small groups of advanced or beginners but never more than 6 unless they're all part of your party!


Colette is a NAUI, PADI Scuba, Emergency First Response Instructor 1997, 2001; Merchant Mariner Captain 2007, 50-Ton 2008. In 2004 she founded 6-Paq Scuba which stands for "Pretty Awesome Quality". She was the Island's first to use a PowerCat equipped with the fuel efficient 4-Stroke Engines. It just had a face lift with new engines, bimini and cushions.

Learn and dive with fish and coral in warm, calm, clear blue shallow bays of the Virgin islands!

Try Scuba ~ breathe underwater, see turtles, coral and fish up close and personal!

Get your PADI or NAUI certification or referral (Universal too).

Advance your Scuba training with us ~ Rescue, Underwater Photography, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Become a Divemaster, and many more...

Together we'll create your ideal day ~ where, what, when ~ seas and experience permitting.

Enjoy our favorite snorkeling and skin diving stops or tall tales at watering holes after diving.

With over 6800 dives, over 5500 in St John and BVI waters helping new, rusty, and Divers wanting to excel.  

Our expert, experienced  instructor's analytical and technical eye takes those who want to GLIDE to the next level FAST, helping you master buoyancy so we can dive the best sites longer and under more conditions.  

We will brief you on the more challenging aspects of the dive and how to effectively handle them along with some hand-holding, or hints, to reinforce that while underwater, and a recap afterwards. 


Make it Your Day! Talk to us!

Member of PADI and NAUI


- we do it all...NAUI, PADI or UNIVERSAL